Zygomatic Implantology Course 2018 with Dr. Aparicio

Last February, 2018, the zygomatic implantology course coordinated by Dr Aparicio was held. The course had 23 attendees, from 7 different countries. They met in Barcelona for 3 days to learn and share experience in the field of zygomatic implantology. I enclose a video summary of the structure of the course:

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The course has been held annually for 15 years. Year after year, taking into account the needs of each participant, it is updated by providing the participant with all the necessary tools for zygomatic implantology as we conceive it today. The program of the course includes:


It represents the basis to understand how the first surgical techniques were designed, until reaching the ZAGA philosophy (Zygoma Anatomy-Guided Approach), designed by Dr. Aparicio. In addition, it has the intervention of Otorrino-Laryngologist Prof. Dr. Pedro Clarós, internationally recognized expert in sinus pathologies related to zygomatic implants.

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In order to place implants and answer questions during practice, participants have a plastic model reproducing the standard zygomatic anatomy that includes maxillary sinuses and maxillary walls of real thickness, and a second stereolithographic model corresponding to the CT of the cryopreserved head assigned to the student to place implants in the 3D-printed model and thus prepare the actual surgery on the corresponding cryopreserved head the following day.

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Evaluation of the practical part of the participants

The planned surgery in the software using the CT of the “patient” assigned and simulated in the 3D personalized plastic model, is finally executed in the cryopreserved human head of the donor, with the advice and supervision of the optional equipment. The participants have the necessary implants and instruments to carry out the surgery.

Cirugia Cabezas Criopreservadas

Attendance at a live surgery of a patient receiving 4 zygomatic implants, during which the participants follow on screen the development of the surgery performed by Dr Aparicio and helped by several participants, with comments and answers to the questions live. The surgery includes the placement of the zygomatic implants and the delivery of the temporary fixed prosthesis the following day.



Originally from 7 different countries, participants had different levels of training and experience in zygomatic implantology at the beginning of the course. They share the concern to understand in depth the processes, protocols of treatment with zygomatic implants, as well as to acquire a multidisciplinary vision.


Interest and confidence in zygomatic implantology increased after the course, reflecting the need for initial or continuous training in this field.

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This course relies on the active collaboration of many people and companies that we want to thank deeply for their support and assistance before, during and after the course:

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