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NEXT Course: Friday, February 14th, Russia

  • ZAGA Philosophy and Technique by Dr Aparicio
  • Criteria of Success and Soft Tissue Management by Dr Aparicio
  • Lunch (Included)
  • Complications
  • 3D Models Hands-on

Throughout one day of an intensive course, a description of our experience of more than 25 years with zygomatic implants in the rehabilitation of the extremely resorbed maxilla will be shared. The participants will acquire knowledge regarding the use of zygomatic implants in different anatomic setups and their related prosthetic rehabilitation. We will discover different surgical techniques and their benefits and limitations including the classic intra-sinusal technique, the extra-sinusal technique up to the ZAGA philosophy. We will provide detailed insights into the latter in order to prevent surgical and prosthetic complications. Moreover, virtual zygomatic planning and hands-on training in customized artificial phantoms will be made available.

Pendant one jour d’un cours intensif, nous partagerons une description de notre expérience de plus de 25 ans avec des implants zygomatiques pour la réhabilitation du maxillaire atrophique. Les participants acquerront des connaissances sur l’utilisation des implants zygomatiques dans différentes configurations anatomiques et leur rééducation prothétique associée. Nous découvrirons différentes techniques chirurgicales, leurs avantages et leurs limites, depuis la technique intra-sinusale classique, la technique extra-sinusale jusqu’à la philosophie ZAGA. Nous fournirons des informations détaillées sur ces dernières afin de prévenir les complications chirurgicales et prothétiques. De plus, une planification virtuelle zygomatique et une formation pratique sur des modèles artificiels personnalisés seront disponibles.

A lo largo de tres días de un curso intensivo, se compartirá una descripción de nuestra experiencia de más de 25 años con implantes cigomáticos en la rehabilitación del maxilar atrófico. Los participantes adquirirán conocimientos sobre el uso de implantes cigomáticos en diferentes situaciones anatómicas y la rehabilitación protésica relacionada. Descubriremos diferentes técnicas quirúrgicas, sus beneficios y sus limitaciones, incluida la clásica técnica intrasinusal, la técnica extrasinusal hasta la filosofía ZAGA. Proporcionaremos información detallada de este último para prevenir complicaciones quirúrgicas y protésicas. Además, se pondrá a disposición un software de planificación zigomática digital y se llevará a cabo una práctica en modelos artificiales personalizados.

ZAGA Course Aparicio Zygomatic

Russia, February 14th 2020

Bookings can be reimbursed until 30 days before the Course. In the case of Course cancellation, fees will be fully reimbursed. Associated costs covered by the participants (flights, housing for instance) will not be reimbursed if the cancellation takes place 30 days or more before the publicly announced date.


A wonderful program highly recommended. This is the absolute future of complex reconstruction, and Dr Aparicio is clearly the foremost expert in this approach. Bravo!!

Stuart Youmans
Dr Stuart Youmans
ZAGA Zygoma Course

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Dr Michael Pikos
ZAGA Center Tampa Bay

One of the most structured and well delivered courses I ve seen. Carlos Aparicio is an outstanding surgeon and an amazing educator. Evidence based ZAGA success code will definitely re-establish the role of the Zygomatic implants as a real alternative therapeutic option for the rehabilitation of the severely atrophic Maxilla.

Cemal Ucer
Prof Cemal Ucer

Fantastic course and organization.
Little to be improved. Best course I've been. Congratulations to you all.

miguel nunes
Dr Miguel Nunes
ZAGA Zygoma Course
ZAGA Zygoma Course

Great course, well planned, well executed. The philosophy behind the course which makes the patient the main focus is really great and makes you wants to adopt it. Finally, lovely and enthusiastic community I want to be part of.

Moustafa Taha
Dr Moustafa Taha

Each participant had the opportunity to pre-plan their case on a real CBCT from a cadaver specimen. A stereolitographic model was provided to do the hands on practice.

Luis Bruzual
Dr Luis M Bruzual
ZAGA Zygoma Course
ZAGA Course Nikolopoulos
Dr Costas Nicolopoulos
ZAGA Center Dubai & Atena
Speaker at June 2019 edition

Intense, comprehensive and a must for any surgeon interested in providing this treatment.

Johann Styger
Dr Johann Styger

ZAGA Center Surrey, UK