ZAGA Center Novosibirsk

ZAGA Center Novosibirsk

I-Dent becomes the first ZAGA Center in Russia. The centre turns into the reference in the reliable treatment with zygomatic implants, providing the patients with fixed teeth in 24h.

ZAGA Center in Novosibirsk

I-Dental, located in Novosibirsk, becomes the second ZAGA Center in the Russia. As a group of excellent professionals, the centre meets all criteria to be a reference centre for the treatment of the severe maxillary atrophy with zygomatic implants following the ZAGA philosophy in the area of Novosibirsk.

يمكن للمرضى الوصول إلى المعلومات حول ضمور الفك العلوي وزرع الزيجومات على شبكة الإنترنت لمراكز ZAGA. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، تسمح الأسئلة المتداولة والشهادات بفهمتطور العلاج بشكل كامل. لتلقي العناية الشخصية ، يجب على المرضى الاتصال بأقرب مركز ZAGA.

Dr. Mikhael Toder

Dr. Mikhael Toder was trained in new methods of implantology and advanced technologies of tooth microsurgery with recognized specialists of international level – Heinrich Benedict, Ofer Fromovich, Gerard Skortecci in leading dental centers in Germany, France, Israel, the United States of America. He regularly takes part in international dental forums.


Work on the result, willingness to spend eight to ten hours in the operating room to achieve high quality implantation and meet the expectations of the patient.