Zygomatic Implant

Rosario Benet

As a result of losing several of my teeth for different reasons, I had to bear, and endure, a top dental prosthetic for too long. My problem was that I was very uncomfortable as a result – I had nausea and heaves I couldn’t escape, no matter what I tasted. To make it even worse, the prosthetics were very thin and a danger to my health and security. They broke frequently and I couldn’t travel without researching the address of emergency prosthetics in the city I was going to. And I had to use their services more than once.

I went to see Dr. Aparicio and in my first visit, after he explained what happens during the surgery and the results, I agreed to be in their care. A few weeks later, they performed the zygomatic implants surgery on me. It was November 1998. I spent 24 hours in the clinic and a few days later, I could already have a normal life, which I am living to this day. The “celebration” was a ribeye and a sandwich which I haven’t tasted in a long time. My life changed 14 years ago. The fear and insecurity conditioned within me disappeared forever. With this message, I want to express my gratitude to the team and particularly to Dr. Aparicio – you gave me the best solution to my dental problems. Thanks for everything, everyone.

Zygomatic Implant

Dolores Fernandez

My name is Dolores and I’ve had zygomatic implants for over thirteen years. Since I was only eight years old, I’ve had problems with caries, continuous infections affecting various grinders. […] At 19, I already had a prosthetic partially holding the parts which I still had left. All of that affected me in such a way that I was consumed by severe depression and didn’t want to go out anywhere. The prosthetics that somehow were still holding on lasted a few years and ended up breaking. Today, with the four zygomatic implants, I feel the prosthetic is perfectly secure. My life changed drastically thirteen years ago. For the first time in years, I can chew, laugh, speak without fear of losing the prosthetic… all of that thanks to Doctor Aparicio. Not only is he an amazing professional, but he is also a person who understands you and treats you with kindness, sympathy and affection, he reassures you. I put myself in his hands, and thanks to him, my life has changed completely. I’m a different person.

Zygomatic Implant

Joan Cadenas

My father was a photographer. I inherited the passion for photography and looking at old photos, I noticed that my mouth was in a very bad shape. […] I couldn’t eat or laugh properly, and I thought that after I recovered, I was going to get my mouth fixed. I had the zygomatic implants surgery and I was completely sedated because I didn’t want to know anything. Everything went very well. I now go for a check-up annually. I am very happy, firstly because I can eat almost everything – I am careful with hard things – and secondly, because I can smile without worrying when I am being photographed!

Zygomatic Implant

Joaquin de la Serna

Allow me to use my own words, because despite the lack of technical jargon, they are truthful.
Sick of having false teeth and suffering, physically and mentally, I spoke with my dentist if it would be convenient to get some sort of implant. His response was: “Impossible” because the bone was eroding because of the prosthetic and wouldn’t support said implants. […] At that moment I pictured a scene in which I was so old and troubled like I’ve never been in my entire life: a glass of water on the nightstand to sustain my life.

A little later, I took a trip to EU for research and was very impressed with the effectiveness of Dr. Aparicio’s system. When I returned, I contacted his clinic, and Dr. Aparicio explained all kinds of things and guarantees of success to me. He also told me the price and although it wasn’t an easy decision, we decided (the whole family) to proceed.
From the moment I made that decision, I can certainly say (like others I imagine) that my life has changed. That is why I genuinely appreciate the treatment I received, both at a personal level, and professionalism demonstrated at all times by everybody.

Zygomatic Implant

Ana Maria Mielgo

My name is Ana M. Mielgo. I had three children and as my family was growing, my dental problems were also growing. Many problems… I was missing a lot of bone, they told me I needed bone grafts in the sinus but I chose not to do it… Until I contacted Dr. Aparicio and we decided to place implants.
I had surgery on 28.10.1999. He used his technology of inclined implants and we didn’t need bone grafts. I had one wish… to be able to eat an apple like when I was a lass. And now, I BITE INTO APPLES!

Zygomatic Implant

Rosario Arribas

13 years ago I was diagnosed with very advanced periodontitis which needed to be treated. During all those years, since I wasn’t in pain, I left it alone until […] one of my molars on the bottom jaw hurt really badly. I went to my dentist and the result couldn’t be more discouraging: almost all my teeth were extremely shaky and I might have lost a lot of bone. We came back home were completely devastated.
Dr. Aparicio and his team treated me with compassion, affection and professionalism, explaining every moment of the treatment The date of the treatment was April 15th and the treatment was done under local anesthesia and sedation; the process was long, lasted almost 8 hours, because they had to take out all the pieces of teeth (26 in total) and install 2 zygomatic implants, as well as other implants into the top and bottom mandible. The next day, we returned to install the provisional prosthetic – both the top and the bottom – we were given general instructions (cleaning, diet etc.), and when I looked in the mirror and saw myself with a new denture, my heart almost swelled with joy. I would like to highlight the following points:

  • At the risk of repeating myself, the compassion and the professionalism with which Dr. Carlos Aparicio and Dr. Wafaa Ouzzani and the rest of their team treated me really calmed me down and made me much more receptive to the treatment.
  • During the operation, I never felt any pain, because the anaesthetist controlled the monitor and was there the whole time.
  • Afterwards, I felt no pain either, although there was obviously a little irritation (stitching, gums healing, etc.)

Big Kisses.

Zygomatic Implant

Teófila Marcos

I had to use a removable prosthetics from a very young age, and that makes you feel inferior. I spoke very little and laughed little because I didn’t want to show my irons. All of this turned into a very grave problem, my face and mouth began to distort. During my first visit, Dr. Aparicio asked me to smile with my mouth wide open and I said I couldn’t, that I haven’t smiled like that for years. […] I had surgery. In that moment and for the past ten years, I feel I was born with these teeth. I talk a lot and laugh and I’m a much more sociable person. Nobody at home knows how much it cost me.